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Selecting Annotations

How do I select chart annotation to edit? I read the "far left of horizontal bar" but still nothing works. i.e. say I wanted to make these arrows larger without having to delete them and add new ones. Attached screen shot is the annotation page. Thx!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    In the HTML5 version, the selection tool is the arrow at the top of the vertical tool bar (below the first horizontal option, which is the color selection option). It seems the documentation has not been updated for that change.

    However, when you select an annotation arrow (like the reds and greens on your chart), I don't see any option for enlarging the arrows - all the horizontal modifier options except "pin" and the color tool disappear from the horizontal options bar.
  • IMO, an arrow is not a good choice for 'select.' Especially when an arrow is an often used annotation. And yes, this info is not stated correctly in the help section. And no way to enlarge an arrow. Very confusing.
  • Everyone, pls respond with what icon you would think would be best 'Select Annotation.' Maybe a hand?
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    Under Flash, the arrow was an excellent selection tool because the tip of the arrow was just about pixel specific in selecting annotations. This was very helpful when annotations would group together in trading ranges, or when channels and volume bars converged (my annotation method, which I won't bore anyone with, marks higher volume highs and lows and channels as s/r levels, among other things).

    In HTML5, the selection tool "lights up" an annotation when it is selectable. Unfortunately, it can light up several simultaneously and select "the wrong one" - i.e. not the one you intended. Or sometimes, it will be very stubborn about lighting up the one you want when the annotations are close together. I've enlarged and shortened the time frame of my charts, but it's not enough to get the Flash precision back.

    I understand the logic of the "finger" icon, though. But I would trade it for the Flash arrow precision, which for me at least makes the annotation process go MUCH faster, even considering the loading time for Flash vs. HTML5.
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