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How can I back-test the scan that I just built?

Looking to test the scan that I have built under the advanced scanning tool. Is there a way to apply it to the last 6 months or x number of periods?



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    Hi Yasir,

    You have to do it "manually". This is a method I use. Others may have different suggestions.

    First, make sure you have a chart style that includes any indicators you are using in your scan. You can save a step if you temporarily make this style your "default" style.

    Then, set the run date of the scan to successive dates in the past using the calendar tool above the Advanced Scan window. Click in the window where the number is (105 in the illustration - it will be "0" the first time you want to select a new date).

    Always make a NEW list from the results for each run date and open the list. Don't merge the raw results into one large list YET. If you want to keep each list separate, name it for the scan date and name of the scan.

    When you look at a chart, it will be in your default style.

    Check the date range to see if it includes the date of your scan. You will probably want to adjust the date range so your scan date is in the middle of the chart (so you can see what happened before and what happened after). To do that, click on a chart to go to the chart workbench.

    If you change the date range, be sure to "Apply style to all" (button is at the bottom of the chart workbench page. If you have only one result for a scan, use either "Apply style to all" (even though there is only one chart) or be sure "save" the chart (see options at the top of the page).

    Depending on the number of results you get, when you have finished editing and reviewing the results, you can then use the Edit page to "merge" or "copy" the results into a collective list, so you have all the scan results for all the different dates in one list, if that is what you want. The list limit is 500 symbols. If you want the charts to appear in chronological order, instead of alphabetical symbol order - before you merge or copy, name the charts for the scan date, say, 2016 01 21. You can do this fairly quickly on the Edit page with a copy and paste.
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