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adding more than the 4 upper overlays

Is it possible to add more than the 4 upperlays I see, looking to add a bunch more, simple moving averages for the 5,10,20,50,100,200, as well as bollinger bands and linear regression?

Thanks for your help.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    If you have a subscription, you should be able to add more than four overlays. I have seven (three MAs, four Price Channels). I don't know the upper limit if there is one, but I'm pretty sure the chart will become unreadable before you hit the limit.

    I'm guessing your Chart Workbench settings show four overlay windows currently, with the first three filled in and the fourth one blank. If so, when you fill in the fourth window from the drop down button, you should get a fifth window automatically. When you fill in the fifth window, you should get a sixth, etc.

    It should work the same for indicators (shown above, below or behind the chart, depending on which location alternative you choose).

    For clarity, you might want to create a few different chart styles with different indicator/overlay combinations. For instance, put all your moving averages in one style, and then the bollinger bands with linear regression in another style, and so on. Just a suggestion, not advice.
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