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Fibonacci price extensions -- How to get the 1.272 extension using the new HTML5 (New)

I can only get the 1.618 extension using the Ctrl key. What about the 1.272 extension? What am I doing wrong?
I tried pressing other keys to no avail.
The 1.272 extension is not in the Search field.
Is deficient?



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    It appears the Flash version of annotation offered only the 1.618 extension also. The conversion to HTML5 did not add any new features to the annotation tool. However, based on a long history with SC, they are always looking for high value enhancements.

    Based on quick Google search, it seems the 1.272 extension is less popular and less available generally.

    Nevertheless, you should suggest it to Support as an enhancement. I'm sure you are not the only one who would appreciate its inclusion.
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    I don't know if you are a fib expert. If you are one and can't live without it, I'd recommend you choose a platform that better suit your needs. If you aren't and just want to use in general, I would recommend you look into the ZigZag (retrace) feature. It updates live and calculates the exact levels.
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    Thanks EKWong - I've tinkered a bit with the zigzag(retrace), the avail Fib tool and used the calculator to calculate differences and %ages but can't seem to see any explanatory connections for what you say.
    It's usually OPERATOR ERROR. So will keep my eyes peeled in the future.
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