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When will SC display the ex-dividend date on a chart? Preferably in Candle-View

Hi all,
If I could see the ex-dividend date directly on a chart, preferably in Candle View then I can be reminded better of taking opportunities.
Any ideas?
Can you let SC know about doing this type of display?
We are in an era where banks don't pay us no more, so we need to plan retirement funds partially via the stock market. And doing that for seniors requires a sharp mind so we really need all the hands we can get.

Thanks in advance.


  • I like that idea. You can get an estimated date, within a couple of bars, if you turn on "events" in the overlay, assuming the date re-occurs at similar intervals. I know that doesn't give you an exact date. It may be that SC's data vendor doesn't provide future ex-div dates. If they did, it could be displayed in the "full quote" window.

    Maybe contact Support with the question/suggestion yourself. This forum is not directly associated with Stockcharts. All contributors are users like you, not employees of Stockcharts. We do not have special access or influence different from your own.
  • Wow that would be a great feature on a chart, Im not big on suprises! lol
  • gordgord admin
    I very much doubt that StockCharts would entertain that feature as it would be alot of research tracking down dates and then manually entering them. Then you would have to create a chart with up to several months of extra future empty bars.

    In my experience, earnings announcements, ex-dividend dates etc are not cast in stone and often change day to day. Best to follow the individual company website for the most up to date info, however even that can change without notice and they won't be liable for any loss you might experience.

    However if you can talk StockCharts into it, have them add tomorrow's closing price while they are at it, that's what I would REALLY like to see.

  • @gord

    I once joked that there was in fact an undocumented function, next(1,close). A few days later there was a reply informing me the syntax must not be correct because the engine returned an error.
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