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Advanced Charting Software

Hey ,

I am an active visitor at and I am an avid learner of charting indicators.
Could you please suggest me an advanced software(other than the one offered at for monitoring and studying various charts at home on my personal computer. I am studying various charting indicators and overlays and hence I need a software that provides comprehensive analysis .
Your Suggestions would definitely benefit my work.

Best Regards,


  • What do have in mind by "comprehensive analysis"? What are some of the questions you would want to ask the software to answer?
  • ekwongekwong
    edited July 2016
    Before I start, let me add this disclaimer. There are profitable traders using only, and don't need an alternate trading platform. It is your responsibility to find out what you require in your trading platform.

    NinjaTrader is free and has a large following so I would recommend it for learning.
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