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In Advanced Scan Builder

Does anyone know what makes up the 'All ETF' list? Is it truly all available ETF's?
If so how often is it updated? Is there a web link to the list?
Thank you in advance!


  • It looks like if you run the unmodified scan

    [group is ETF]

    you get the first 999 ETFs in alphabetical order by symbol. The list stops at INTF, so that suggests there are many more. So, because of the 999 limit, you can't get a single list of all ETFs available. I'm not aware of any other method to get such a list. Maybe the data vendor has something. However, as far as I know, if an ETF trades on an exchange, there is no reason there wouldn't be a chart for it (unless it has stopped trading).

    The alternative would be to think about the characteristics of an ETF that interest you - volume traded, price, country (or exchange), sponsor, etc. and scan for those characteristics. If you need help with writing a scan, post your "plain english" requirements and whatever you can put together for a scan, and we'll help tweak it.

    Another approach might be to note the various sponsors of the ETFs and go to their websites for a list of what they offer.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    P.S. If you are really serious about getting ALL the ETFs available, you could run this scan

    // begin
    [group is etf]

    and [symbol starts with "a"]
    // end

    You would run the scan 26 times to cover every letter of the alphabet (the letter can be upper case or lower case - doesn't matter, same results).

    For each letter, on the results page you would choose "Download in CSV format" from the Available Actions drop down at the top of the page. In Excel, you could merge all the files.

    Its doubtful there are more than 999 results for any one letter, so you should get everything.

    If you want ETFs by sponsor, you could run this scan:

    // begin

    [group is ETF]

    and [name contains "iShares"]

    // end scan

    Substitute any unique portion of a a fund sponsor name for "iShares", like "Hancock" or "WisdomTree". Again, the letters in the quote marks are not case sensitive.
  • Thank you for the reply
  • // begin
    [group is etf]

    and [
    [symbol starts with "a"] or
    [symbol starts with "b"]
    // end

    Now you only have to do 13 scans :)
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    @ekwong Welcome back, ek! Good to hear from you. I miss your cleverness - which is still in good form, I see.
  • Good to hear from you @markd.

    I haven't used the scan workbench for a few months now... getting pretty rusty.
    Better get back on the wagon.
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