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Need help with a few simple Q's.

Hi, I am trying to run John Bollingers settings for his charts and I cant

get anywhere.

He has an indicator called (below) The problem I believe is with the

syntax after the /

normalized volume

[type = stock] AND [volume/50 day average of volume*100] AND [normal

volume > 125 is high volume] AND [normal volume <80 is low volume]

Ive tried range, volume, /50 DAY SMA of Volume all to no avail. It just

keeps saying it could not parse it.

<1> I would also like to know 2 other things, on a chart can we color

code the opening and closing prices of a candlestick in blue like John


<2>Can we use different time frames time on one chart winow? Like say can

I see the monthly daily and 2 hourly all in either one chart or in

different wondows on one page?

Thanks so much, I do apreciate the help.

example of Jons chart hopefully pictured! ; )


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    I take it you are trying to create a custom indicator. You can only do that by uploading a data file, if your subscription permits. See this page:

    The scan language only creates queries that return symbols that fit the data conditions you specify. A scan can look at price data and data from existing overlays (like MAs and price channels) and indicators (like MACD, RSI, etc.). You can specify any parameters for the overlays and indicators in your scan (subject to data availability for very large parameters), not just the defaults.

    But the scan language cannot create a new indicator or overlay. There are other much more expensive tools that can do this, like Tradestation and Metastock.

    Answer to question 1 - No. But you can choose a variety of color styles in the Chart Attributes/Color Scheme area of the Chart Workbench. If you select the "Candlesticks" option under Type in Chart Attributes, the open and close are very clear - if the candle body is red, the top of the body is the open, and the bottom is the close. Vice versa for clear bodied candles. If you are using colored bars instead of candles (for instance, the Elder Impulse option) you have to rely on the left and right ticks on the bar for open and close.

    Answer to question 2 - You can display only one time frame in a single chart. However, Gallery view allows you to display multiple time frames on one page and you can customize the Gallery views. See this page in Support:

    Or, you can probably find an add on for your browser that will split-screen or tile your session windows so you can open two or more separate charts in different time frames and display them simultaneously.
  • Thanks much Mark,

    you are truly invaluable to this forum. We would be lost without you! : )
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