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Where do I download 1 month and 20 month EMAs?

Where do I download 1 month and 20 month EMAs?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    To my knowledge, calculated data is not available for download on Stockcharts.

    But, if your subscription permits, and you have some knowledge of Excel, you CAN download monthly data in .csv format and import the data into Excel. Then you would have to create the EMA formula in Excel to calculate the EMAs you want.

    To download the data, click on any chart to go to Chart Workbench. Click on the "Past data" link under the chart. Select Monthly data from the drop down at the top left. Click download.

    The Stockcharts EMA formula is explained here:
  • 1. Open Advanced Scan Workbench
    2. Type in the following script:
    [type = stock] AND [group is 'DOW30']
    rank by [1 month ago monthly ema(1, monthly close)]

    3. You should see one column called Last Month's EMA (1, Monthly Close). That's the close from Last Month.
    4. In the Available Actions drop down menu, select "Download in CSV Format".
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