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Quality Momentum Scan

Being new to Advance scanning in stockcharts, I am curious about the best way to scan for Quality momentum stocks/efts. Specifically, (RS) 90+, price > $15, ADV > 250K and the price has doubled during the last 52 weeks. Any tips and/or tricks in scanning would be appreciated .



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    Hi @TommyD770 , you have your scan criteria specified very clearly, so you can build most of it directly from the drop down windows in the Scan Builder section of the advanced scan workbench page.

    First, delete the default text in the Scan Criteria window itself.

    Next, from the Ticker Properties window, select "Type" and hit "Insert". "Type is stock" appears in the scan window. "Stock" includes ETFs, so no edits needed.

    I would add "country" next. If you are looking at US stocks, accept the default. Otherwise, other values are here, about half way down the page:

    Next, from the Price, Volume and SCTRs drop down, select "SCTR". This is similar to RS. You can't scan directily for RS, but SCTR serves the purpose well.

    Then select "Close" and edit for 15.

    You need a custom statement for the price doubling in the last year. Cut and paste this:

    and [close > 251 days ago close *2]

    NOTE: 251 days is the number of trading days in the year, accounting for NYSE holidays; or you could use 52 weeks * 5 days = 260)

    Finally, from the Technical Indicators drop down, select "SMA" and edit for your volume requirements.

    Then hit "Check Syntax". Correct any errors and then run it.

    If you have problems or question, post what you have and we'll look at it.
  • Great, this was what scan I got. After I checked it, it came up with 9 stocks.
    Good to get some hands on with the advanced scan, although I had pictured it easy enough to use, it seemed a bit overwhelming when I first started looking through the how to info.

    [type is stock]
    and [country is US]
    and [SCTR >75]
    and [Close > 15]
    and [close > 251 days ago close *2]

    //and [SMA(60,volume) > 250000]


  • Looks good! Well done.
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