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Double bottom scan below 200sma

Hello all,

does anybody know how to scan for double bottoms with the prices below an overhead 200day sma ?



  • This gets some junk, but it's a start. Double bottoms form in so many different ways you can't hope to catch them all.

    This scan looks for Fast Stochastics (with custom parameters) to have been below 20, then above 80, then below 20 again, and on the scan run date to be back above 20. In other words, price has moved from the bottom to the top of its parameter range and back to the bottom again. It's not perfect - for instance, the second low will not necessarily be even with the first. Maybe you could come with some lines for that.

    You can play with any of the parameters to see how it affects the results.

    [type is stock]
    and [exchange is NYSE]
    and [ close < sma(200, close)]

    // price has turned up
    and [Fast Stoch %K(21,1) > 20]

    // price was just in the lower 20% of its 21 day range
    and [ min(5, Fast Stoch %K(21,1)) < 20]

    // price was in the 20% range some time before
    and [ 20 days ago min(20, Fast Stoch %K(21,1)) < 20]

    // between the two low areas, price got above the 80% range
    and [ 10 days ago max(10, Fast Stoch %K(21,1)) > 80]
  • Many thanks markd! I am still learning scans. I will try it out this weekend.

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