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How do I measure negative Pct change

I spent a lot of time, but couldn't figure out how do I measure Negative % Change. I want to scan for securities which moved down 7% or more, over the 3 days.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    To get any per cent decrease, subtract that number from 100. So for a 7 per cent decrease you would get 100 - 7 = 93.

    In other words, in your case, the close from 3 days ago is what you consider as 100 per cent and you want to find closes that are less than that close, meaning less than 100 per cent.

    So for instance, if three days ago close was 26.75, then 93 per cent of the number would be 26.75 * .93 or (get out the calculator), 24.88 (rounded off).

    So, your scan could be:

    and [close = 3 days ago close* .93]

    BUT - it's unlikely you will get many hits if you look for EXACTLY 7 per cent, which is what the equals sign (=) is asking for.

    You could say "less than" (<)

    and [close < 3 days ago close* .93]

    Then you will also get hits that are AT LEAST 7 per cent down, but could be more, like 10 or 15 or whatever. If that's OK use "less than" (<).

    If you want the hits to be right around 7 per cent, then you have to decide on a range - let's say 6 and 8. Then you would write:

    and [close < 3 days ago close* .94] // close is below (less than) 6 per cent down
    and [close > 3 days ago close* .92] // close is above (greater than) 8 per cent down

    Hope that helps.
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    That really helped and I really appreciate your time.

    But the way you did, will measure -6,7,8% or more over the exactly 3rd day. That will me give me fewer results.

    I am fine with "OR MORE % Change" but I am not looking % change over EXACTLY 3,4 or 5 days, what I am looking for is % change over the period where my range is 0-10days(10 is Max).

    So it doesn't have to be -6,7,8,% or more change from 10 days ago to present. It could be -6,7,8% or more change from "let's say 4th day to present", but I still wanna include that 0-10 days range.

    One more factor is % change has to be from somewhere in a range of 10 days to PRESENT(I am not looking for -8% change from 8days ago to 4 days ago).

    Please help!

    Thank you
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    OK, let's see if I understand:

    You want at least an x% per cent decrease from highest price in the last 10 days, no matter what day that was?

    If so,

    and [ close < 1 day ago max(10, close) * .92]

    If you want an x% decrease from the minimum price in the last 10 days, change "max" to "min".

    If you want an x% decrease from ANY price in the last 10 days, then I think you have to write a very long "OR" statement:

    and [

    [close < 10 days ago close * .92]


    [close < 9 days ago close * .92]

    or ...etc. - repeat for 8,7,6,5, 4,3,2

    [close < 1 day ago close * .92]

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