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8/20Day SMA Crossover


I would like to reproduce the predefined scans - Bullish 50/200 -day MA Crossovers (Nasdaq)

With the criterion Bullish 8/20 - day MA crossovers (Nasdaq) and I can not function taking ADVANCED SCAN WORKBENCH

Will you help me and send me the Criteria

Thank you


  • [exchange is NASD]
    and [sma(8, close) x sma(20,close)]

    Please note, no one has time to write custom scans for others from scratch on a regular basis. Please take some more time to experiment with writing simple scans on the Advanced Scan workbench. I'm sure you can do more than you think, if you don't expect too much too soon.

    For future requests, please post whatever you have been able to put together on the scan workbench first and we'll work on it from there.
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