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Scanning a watchlist

Can't I just make a list of stocks, then apply a scan to the list.
I can't figure out HOW to make a watchlist.
Seems like the watchlist has to be a CHARTlist.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2016
    Yes, the watch list has to be a chart list. But you CAN apply your scan to just that one list.

    First, on the Members page, hit "Create a new list".

    On the list page, type in your ETF symbols in the "Add many" window and hit the button:

    Then, on the Scan Workbench page, open your scan, and in the Scan Builder section, select your newly created list from the "Chart Lists" drop down and hit Insert. It will go to the bottom of your scan. Cut and paste it to the first line.

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    edited July 2016
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