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Financial Data Up To Date?

I know that StockCharts charting info. such as price and volume is presented real time. But what about financial data such EPS, P/E, Outstanding Shares, etc. Is there a delay?

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    markdmarkd mod
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    You can see adjustments to historical data on this page, including changes made today:|t=-2

    It appears that numbers that can be calculated from price are adjusted in real time - including p/e, yield and SCTR. You can see this if you add the full quote window to your chart and set the refresh option to whatever you have in your drop down (varies by subscription level), say 60 seconds.

    I would guess EPS and outstanding shares (don't see that in the full quote window) are updated directly by the vendor when announced by the company or maybe SEC reports. I don't see why there would be a delay.

    Support would have the authoritative answer.


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