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Technical Alerts 101 Question: Scanning Within Multiple Favorites List

I am trying to create an alert that emails me when any one of my stocks in four different favorites list generates a sell signal.

The syntax I am using to identify the stocks to generate this sell signal looks like this:

[[favorites list is 4] or [favorites list is 9] or [favorites list is 17] or [favorites list is 18]] and [sell signal scan]

Do I have the favorite lists part right? If not, how should I amend it?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2016 Answer ✓
    I don't see anything wrong with it syntactically.

    If it's not working and you know it should have triggered:

    check that your email is not sending alerts to spam or junk

    if you have multiple email addresses, make sure you are checking the one you use for Stockcharts

    On the scan itself, if you manually typed in the line [[favorites list is 4]...], etc. comment out your existing list of favorites and recreate it by inserting each list from the "Chartlist" drop down and then creating the "or" statement (after removing the //listname).


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