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Saving Scans

Okay, after I run a scan and I save it.....I want to be able to re-run the scan each do I do that once I save it to my chartlists?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2016
    I'll just run through the whole create and save a scan process quickly.

    On the advanced scan page, write your new scan by selecting items you want to include in the scan from the drop downs and editing until you think it does what you want. (When you get familiar with how the indicators/overlays are written, you just type them in if that's faster.)

    After you finish with each line, press "Check Syntax" to make sure it works. If it doesn't, fix it until it does.

    After each "Check Syntax", click "Run Scan" to see if it gets what you want (you need a chart style that includes the indicators/overlays in your scan).

    When you are done, click "Save As" above the scan window, and give the scan a meaningful name, like "MACD crossover in up trend". If you want the scans to appear on the list in some kind of order, add a prefix that will sort them - like "10 01 MACD crossover in up trend". You might use "10" in front of your MACD scans, 20 in front of your moving average scans, or whatever system works for you.

    Now run the final scan, and if you want, put the results (the list of symbols your scan returns) into a chart list.

    Now, if you want to re-run the scan, there are two ways to do it.

    On the Advanced Scan page, above the scan writing window is a drop down that has all your scans listed just as you named them. Select the one you want and click Run Scan.

    Or, on the Members page, there is also a scan list drop down, above your chart lists. Select your scan from there and run it (or, if you want to, click Edit to go the Advanced Scan page and run it from there).
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    Markd......Thank so much for your help...I haven't saved my scans yet, but wanted to let you know that I appreciate the response!
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