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SCTR pullback scan

I am looking for a scan for 90+% sctr stocks on a pullback for a long. Can anyone help out?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2016
    In order to write a scan, you have define *specifically* kind of pullback you want (otherwise we get into a guessing game), in terms of an indicator level, say, some kind of stochastic drops below 20 (or crosses above 20) or maybe some kind of price interaction with an overlay, like a close below an MA or a price channel of a certain length. Once you've defined that, you can probably construct it by selecting and inserting your indicators or overlays from the drop down under the scan window and editing them. If you get stuck doing that, post what you have and somebody will help.

    P.S. If you are looking for something quick and simple, you might want to look at Joanne Klein's public chart list "Above the Green Line". You can access from the splash page or the members' page (in the Commentary box - last item).
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    Markd....a pullback to where the Stoch crosses above the 20 line or below the 80 is what I am looking for ...I also use a Williams %R to confirm the move..Do you have a scan for this sort of p/b move?
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    not sure how to include was about Joanne Kleins scan: You will need to select your 6020 Chartlist.....How do I do that?
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    You can construct this yourself very simply.

    Select Slow Stoch %K from the the Technical Indicators drop down and edit. Do the same for Williams %R.

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