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Scan - how to exclude "ishares" from my scan results

Hi fellow chartists

does anyone know how to exclude ishares and power shares from scan results

[[type = stock] and [market cap > 2000]]
[type is index]
[[Group is ETF] and [group is ETFNOUI]]


[Exchange is CME]
[[exchange is LSE] and [market cap > 100] and [group is ETFNOUI] and [symbol is NOT 'iShares']]


[group is not Sp600]
AND [group is not Sp400]
AND [country is not canada]
AND [group is NOT TSE300]

and [exchange is NOT NSE]
and [exchange is NOT OTCMKT]
and [exchange is not TSE]

and [country is not Canada]


and [[today's close > today's sma(50,close)] OR [today's close > today's sma(200,close)]]

and [Bullish Engulfing is true]
and [[MACD Line(12,26,9) > MACD Signal(12,26,9)] or [weekly MACD Line(12,26,9) > weekly MACD Signal(12,26,9)]]

Rank by "Marketcap"


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