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Scanning an $Index chartlist issue

I have a chartlist with 18 index sector symbols......all symbols starting with $. I get scan results (with all 18 symbols listed) with these 2 scan lines
[type = index]
and [favorites list is 113]

But when I add any rank by staement.....check syntax is OK......but I get zero scan results.........what is the issue with rank by with indexes
rank by [PctChange(20,close)]


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2016 Answer ✓
    I have an index only list also. I substituted my list for yours and ran the scan without a problem

    You don't need the "type is index" statement if everything in the list is an index, but it doesn't hurt anything.

    You also don't need the brackets around PctChange, but again, it doesn't hurt anything.

    Here's exactly what runs for me:

    [type = index]

    and [favorites list is 32] // 00 10 01 16 Indices - US Market Indices

    rank by [PctChange(20,close)]


    Do you get results with ONLY the favorites list statment (no type statement, no rank by statement)

    so - does this work for you:

    // begin scan
    [favorites list is 32] // 00 10 01 16 Indices - US Market Indices

    // end scan

    Substitute your list for mine - BUT -

    Did you just type in "[favorites list is 113], or did you select it from the Chart Lists drop down, under the scan window?

    If you just typed it in, you may be getting results from [type is index] rather than [favorites list is 113]. Sometimes, it seems the scan engine does not recognize the favorites statement if you type it in your self. It's not wrong syntactically, so it doesn't give you an error, but it doesn't seem to execute either.

    So select the list from the Chart Lists drop down, run that statement alone first, then add the rank by statement and see what happens.

    I think you already know the "rank by" statement must be the very last statement in the scan.


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    Hi Mark, it is working now.........stupid me, I just noticed I had an extra favorites list line at the end of the scan statements that I forgot to delete......strange but the scan engine didnt catch it with Check Syntax. I am making note of the things you advised I did not need but should not make a difference.......Thanks again, Bob
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