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How to copy line when annotating?

In the good old Flash version of Annotation, you'd hold down the Ctrl key, click and hold down the mouse to copy a line on your annotated chart. In the new, inferior HTML5 version, this doesn't work any more. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to copy a line on an annotated chart in the new HTML5 version?


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    Hi Tasuki, I found that the method you describe works, but instead of making a copy off to one side, the duplicate is right on top of the original, so it appears that nothing happened. After you do Ctrl-click, continue to hold the mouse key down, and move the mouse off to one side - that will drag copy off the original so you can see it.

    Another method is, click on the original line to highlight it (so you can see the yellow points at each end), then press Ctrl-D. A copy will appear off to one side. That might be a little easier.
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    markd, many thanks for the explanation. I think you may have one detail wrong---check and see if I'm right on your computer (I'm on Windows 10, latest update, if that matters).

    With the first method, ctrl-click-drag no longer works. Instead, it's ctrl-DOUBLE-click-drag. After playing with it for a few minutes, it looks like it's not so much doubleclick (implying a fast clicking action) but rather just "click twice".

    Here's a question: does Stockcharts have a new instruction manual for the HTML5 version of annotate?
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2016
    I'm not sure if the browser version matters. I use Firefox with Win7. For me - if there is already a line there, and you hold down the control key, and then click and hold on the line and drag, it makes a copy. But if you make it work with double click, that's great.

    If you look at the left hand column of symbols, the one at the bottom is a question mark - "?". Click on that and a help window comes up. It's sort of a cheat sheet for the basic functions.

    At the bottom of that window is another link to more help - a documentation page from the Support tab. It looks like it's actually written for the Flash version, but the HTML is supposed to be substantially similar in function, although the locations of the specific icons have changed. It's VERY extensive if you haven't seen it.
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    Many thanks, markd! The help sections you mention are great.
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