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Help with my scans

Also, I have a small dilemma....Once I have a scan saved in my chartlist and I forgot to save it in my do I go and save that scan in my chartlist back in my "saved scans"? Also, how do I pull up all of my scans at one time? I know I have done that but cannot seem to get back there......Thanks,

Barry Scott


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    All your saved scans are listed in the drop down above the scan window on the advanced scan page. You can select one and it will appear in the scan window.

    If you want to see the scan code for all your different scans all at once, click View All above the scan window on the advanced scan page.

    If you forget to save a scan, you may be able to recover it by using the "back" button on your browser to go back to the page you wrote. But if you have closed your browser, or you have gone beyond the limit of saved pages, you have to write it again.
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