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improving the annotation feature with Schiff and modified Schiff pitchforks

I've emailed the Stockcharts staff more than once about the need for improving the annotation feature by adding the Schiff and modified Schiff pitchfork tools. As many of you know, most indicators are lagging, and therefore much less valuable than leading indicators, of which there are precious few. One of the very best leading indicators is the median line set, or "pitchfork", which is why Stockcharts should upgrade its annotation feature so that we can use the full range of pitchfork possibilities.
Can anyone tell me how to get their attention, to make them realize how valuable pitchforks are? Obviously, I'm not getting through to the Stockcharts staff, and I'd really like to do so, because these tools are extremely useful for all timeframes. Who would be the best person to email about this feature?


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    Support is the point of contact for subscribers (which is what I am, too, - no connection to Stockcharts itself).

    When I have submitted suggestions I've gotten a standard response, which is, they will forward it to the development team for consideration, but the communication stops there.

    I expect they get hundreds of requests, so can't deal with each one separately. The conversion from Flash to HTML5 did not include enhancements. My guess is, though, they have a list of enhancements they are working through.

    As for lobbying for the change, you might respond to the various blog contributors asking them to do something in their blogs about pitchforks. That might help to generate interest among subscribers - and the blog writers, who probably do have some influence - and may be looking for something new to write about. It's a long shot, but why not?

    Finally, if you are planning to attend ChartCon (on line), coming up in September, I'm sure there will be question and answer periods, and Chip himself will be there, so if you will "be there", too, on line, you might get his attention.
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    markd, thanks for the great suggestions. I can't attend ChartCon this year, but I'll be sure to ask the blog writers to look into the pitchfork, median lines as well as action-reaction lines.
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