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Writing a specific scan?

If I want to write a scan with Williams%R moving from below -80 ...moving up with increasing volume for 2 consecutive days?


  • So you just have to think it through one condition at a time.

    It sounds like you want to look at two consecutive days.

    So first, you want to say what things looked like one day ago, and then you want to say what things look like today.

    And you are looking at two things, Williams and volume. Williams first.

    So what did Williams look like one day ago? It was below (less than) -80. So:

    and [ 1 day ago Williams < -80 ]

    Don't copy and paste that because it's not syntactically correct. Use the Technical Indicators drop down to select Williams, then insert it and edit it.

    Now, what does Williams look like today? It has moved up, so it is greater than yesterday. So:

    and [ Williams > 1 day ago Williams ]

    Again, use the Technical Indicators drop down.

    The second thing is volume moving up two consecutive days. So what did volume look like one day ago? It was greater than the day before, or two days ago. So you just need to compare 1 day ago volume, on the left, to 2 days ago volume, on the right, using the > operator in the middle. I'll let you fill in the brackets:

    and [ ]

    What about volume today? It is greater than it was yesterday. So you want to compare volume (in other words, today's volume) to 1 day ago volume, again with the > operator.

    and [ ]

    Fill in the bracket, do check syntax, correct any errors and run. Let me know how it works out.
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