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A particular scan

good morning Markd.....In a previous post I had asked you for some help with a particular gave me some info to plug in, but it didn' t work for me.....I am looking for a scan that will pull up stocks that are testing the -.80 Williams and bouncing up for 2 consecutive days with increasing volume. They are actually pullback scans to go long with.... I would also like to include a separate scan showing the same thing but showing a weekly bounce from previous weeks.
Thanks for your help Markd.....


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    Post what you have and I'll take a look.
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    Sorry, I already deleted it after trying different scans...Can you understand what I am looking for by the text ?
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    My purpose is to help you use the Advanced Scan interface on your own. Please try again.
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    [type = stock] AND [Weekly SMA(20,Weekly Volume) > 40000]
    and [Volume >300000]
    and [High >10]
    and [Low< 40]
    and [2 week ago Williams %R(14) >-80.0 ]
    and [1 week ago Williams %R(14) > -70.0]
    // test for consecutive higher volume bars
    and [weekly volume> 1 week ago volume]
    and [SCTR >75.0]
    and [1 week ago volume> 2 weeks ago volume]
    and [1 week ago volume > 3 weeks ago volume]
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