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Intraday time period scans

Hi, is it possible to scan intraday? For example watch for stock price cross above a 20 period moving average within a 15 minute chart. Also can you set an alert to watch for this intraday cross of price and 20 period moving average on 15 minute chart? If so I would appreciate any sample code to do it. Thanks in advance, Mark


  • The scan engine can only see daily, weekly and monthly data, and the most recent intraday update. So it cannot scan for time periods less than a day. If you run a scan intraday, it treats the most recent update, say 2:03 pm, as the close of the day, week or month, depending on what your scan asks for.

    So, if you wanted to find an intraday event, maybe a crossover, for a daily, weekly, or monthly indicator or overlay - say a 5 day moving average, you could do it (although, by the end of the day, it might not be a crossover anymore). But you can't track intraday periods like hourly, ten minutes, etc.
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