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adding overlay for all charts in the chart list and viewing it in candle glance


I want to add Bollinger band to all charts in the candle glance view for a chartlist. May I know if this is possible or has anyone been able to do it?



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016
    Take a look at this Support page (found it using "candleglance" in the Search window on the home page).

    Basically, you create a chart style with the indicators you want on it, click the "Add New" link below the chart on Chart Workbench page and name it "CandleGlance" (all one word, exactly as shown), or take an existing style, select "Add New" , and re-name it as "CandleGlance". Your original chart style is still there under its original name.

    Unfortunately, you get only one "CandleGlance" style. But, you can change it easily. If you have different chart styles for daily weekly, monthly, etc. you can re-save any one as "CandleGlance". Open any chart - apply the style you want - say you have a style called "Weekly MACD and Bollinger". Then, under the chart, click on "Replace" and select "CandleGlance" (which is the one you created first and now want to replace).

    Note you can do the same thing for Gallery view (several different time frame charts on one page):
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