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custom scan with ichimoku (18,52,104)

I would like to create a custom scan with the following settings please :
timeframe daily
ichimoku (18,52,104)
stocks under 2$
volume above 100,000
stocks just crossed the upper edge of the cloud
and RSI above 61

Thank you for your help!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016
    Hi @yinhosan , you can select each of the items you want from the drop downs in the scan builder section under the scan criteria window and then edit to your needs.

    If you have trouble editing, post what you have and we'll help.

    For stocks under $2, choose "close" from Price Volume and SCTRs and edit
    For volume, choose "volume" and edit
    For RSI, choose "RSI" from Technical Indicators and edit
    For Ichimoku, select the appropriate entries (I'm not familiar with Ichimoku) and edit.

    You will probably get errors when you do "Check Syntax". We can help you with those. Just put in all the values you want (like 2 and 1000000 and 18,52,104) and we can go from there.

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