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scanning in two time frames

I'd like to scan for stocks let's say 100 days ago that meet the following:
Monthly ADX 14 is rising (monthly ADX is > than prior month) and DMI+ > DMI-
and weekly ADX 14 > 25 with DMI+ > DMI-.
Thanks in advance!
Dan C.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016
    There are no tricky logic problems to this, so you can pretty much build this yourself on the Advanced Scan Workbench from the drop downs in the Scan Builder section under the Scan Criteria window. They really shouldn't use the word "Advanced" because it seems to scare people.

    Select ADX Line from the Technical Indicators window. Edit it to say "monthly ADX Line(14)".

    Then add ADX Line again, edit it to "1 month ago ADX Line(14)", and cut and paste it up to the prior line, put a ">" operator between them, and one pair of brackets [ ] around the whole thing.

    On the next line, do the same with Plus DI and Minus DI - put "monthly" in front of them, put them on the same line with a comparison operator between them.

    Then for weekly, same process, just substitute "weekly" for "monthly".

    When you run the scan, use the calendar tool above the Scan Criteria window (Starting (choose a date) days before....etc. ) to find a date 100 days before today.

    Check syntax, fix errors, run, save as (if you want), done.

    If you get into trouble, post what you have and we'll work it out.

    Most of what you need to know about scan writing is here:

    That page has additional links to instructional videos and other helpful links.
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    Note that when you want to verify if the results are correct, you will have to use two different chart styles, one weekly, one monthly.
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    Thanks! This really helps a lot.
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