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Adx setting


I utilize a 13 period Dmi and a 8 period average of this for the adx. so in telechart my setting is adx 13,8. can you smooth adx lIke this in stockcharts?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016

    I'm not sure exactly what you want - but your options on Stockcharts are ADX Line or ADX Line w +DI and -DI.

    With either one, if your subscription allows, you can add a moving average of ADX Line in the Advanced Options section. There will be an small icon to the right of the "Indicators" section on Chart Workbench.

    Click on the Icon and another set of drop downs appears. To the far right are indicators you can overlay on your indicator. You can choose SMAs or EMAs (or others). If you want to specify the color, you can in the parameters box, such as 8:green or 21:red, etc.

    If you choose ADX Line, you can make Opacity zero (0.0) and ADX Line will disappear so that only the moving average is there. You can do the same for ADX w +DI -DI, but the +DI and -DI lines also disappear.
  • Thanks, MarkD. In telechart the DI period is 13 and the "smooth" number is 8. So it appears as ADX 13,8. I don't think this is the same as taking a 8 period moving average of the 13 period ADX. When I compare the two, they don't match up. What is charted when I input 13,8 in the parameter box next to ADX w/ DMI+ amd Dmi- ? The values are close but not exact.
  • If they are close, try the ema instead of the sma.
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