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accumulation distribution line

i am trying to write a scan that tells me whe [accumulation distribution line x sma(20)]
but it is telling me it can not parse accumulation distribution line. I am new so would appreciate any help offered, thanks Tom

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016 Answer ✓
    Every "legal" expression for the scan engine is available in the drop downs in the "Scan Builder" section under the "Scan Criteria" window on the Scan Workbench page.

    Open the drop down you need, scroll down to find the item you want, highlight it and click Insert.

    The item will appear on the last line of your scan (when your scans get longer you have to scroll down to see it) in a "default" form which is syntactically correct. Most of the time, you will have to edit and cut and paste to get what you want.

    For your scan, you would use the Technical Indicators drop down and select AccDist and click insert. Then you would select SMA and click Insert.

    Now you have to construct the statement you want from the elements in the window.

    So delete "> yesterday's AccDist" and add a "x" operator.
    Then edit "sma(50,volume)" to "sma(20,close)" and cut it from the second line and paste it on the first line after "x".

    Make sure you have a closing bracket "]" at the end of the newly edited line.

    Delete the last line that you cut from.

    Do check syntax, correct errors, then do "Save As". Then run it.

    Check out the extensive documentation on scan writing (including videos). I would begin about half way down this page, under the heading "Building Scans"

    This page has links to example scans:

    Or, if you want to begin at the beginning, or get stuck writing a scan, there is an "Instructions" link at the very bottom of the Scan Workbench page.


  • THANK YOU MARK. THAT WAS VERY HELPFUL. I WAS ABLE TO DO IT CORRECTLY. IF I MAY THOUGH I AM HAVING TROUBLE GETTING A CROSSOVER WITH BOLLINGER BANDS UPPER AND LOWER LINES. I WROTE [AccDist x Upper BB(20,2)] it tells me syntax is correct but nothing come up. I have done it for different days and still nothing. I know on certain days it is on particular stocks because have it on my charts. I have reversed it as well and still does not give me anything. Your help Mark would be very much appreciated. Tom
  • Hi @thomas , if those two values intersect on your chart, it's purely a coincidence. AccDist measures volume, BBs measure price. Also, they may be on the same chart, but they will have different scales (probably one on the right, one on the left). So they are sharing space on the chart, but they are not measuring anything similar. They are both numeric, and you can always compare two numbers, but the question here is, would that mean anything. In this case, the answer is no.
  • Hi @thomas , please ignore the answer above - I thought I deleted it. I saw from your other question that you meant BB around AccDist, not price. You can do that. Please see my answer to your other question.
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