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CROSSOVERS on 3 (THREE) Year Charts??

Sorry. I'm stumped on this one. Is it at all possible to run crossovers on 2-yr or 3- year charts? Example: MACD crossing zero line but filtering to find that crossover on 2-yr or 3-year weekly charts? If so, can someone provide one example either crossing above or below a zero line or moving average line? Thanks in advance.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016
    You're probably stumped because the scan engine can't do what you are asking for, in the way that you are thinking of it.

    The scan engine returns symbols, not dates, so you can't write a scan that returns the dates on which an indicator did something.

    Also, the scan engine doesn't look at your chart lists, so it doesn't know what chart styles you are looking at. It only selects data from the database of prices and volume in the time frame your scan specifies (daily, weekly, monthly), as of the date you specify (today, or some day in the past, say August 3 or February 21, etc.) and calculates what you ask for to find symbols that fit those conditions.

    For your requirement (a weekly MACD zero cross in the last 2-3 years), you could write the scan as if you wanted the condition to occur today, then run the scan multiple times, once for each week-ending date (Fridays, usually) in the period you are interested in.

    Use the calendar tool above the scan window (Starting x days before...) to select the dates.

    If you get stuck, post what you have.
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