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Rank by SMA50 Volume increase in Percentage

I would like to include a column in the scan result, which shows me the SMA50 Volume increase in Percentage. I have tried to use the following:

rank by (((SMA(50,Daily Volume) - Volume) / Volume) * 100)

It gives me always an error like Your scan syntax is incorrect. Could not parse ""

Thanks for your Help.



  • This seems to do it. Parentheses are used only for functions. To group terms, use brackets as you would parentheses.

    rank by [ [SMA(50,Daily Volume) - Volume] / Volume] * 100
  • Thanks. That works fine, juts had to change the ordering slightly so that the result is correct:
    rank by [ [Volume-SMA(50,Daily Volume)] / SMA(50,Daily Volume)] * 100

    Is there also a clause available to name a column rather than appearing the calculation as a column header?
  • That would be nice, but none that I know of.
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