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Could someone please tell me how to change this scan to a weekly. I cant find any instruction how to

[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 400000]
and [country=us]
and [Close > 30]
and [MACD Hist(12,26,9) x 0.0]


  • [type = stock]
    and [country=us]
    and [weekly SMA(20,weekly Volume) > 400000]
    and [weekly Close > 30]
    and [weekly MACD Hist(12,26,9) x 0.0]

    Put the modifier "weekly" in front of any indicator, and any term inside an indicator, like "weekly volume" inside the weekly sma( ) indicator.

    A couple of notes:

    When you run a scan in the weekly time frame, you may want to change the parameter values you used in the daily frame - so you might want to change the length of the sma for volume, or the minimum volume figure.

    Also, when you run a weekly scan the scan engine considers the most recent update as the end of the week, even if you run it on a Monday or Thursday or other week day. Obviously, the last bar and indicator values will not be based on complete data. So, to get accurate results, run weekly scans over the weekend, OR, use the calendar drop down above the scan window (Starting ? days before...) to select the previous Friday.

    You can convert some daily indicator parameters to an approximately similar weekly value - for instance, a 200 day sma and a 40 week sma are similar - but not identical.
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