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Is there a scan for symmetrical triangles?

I can't find any scans for finding symmetrical triangle chart formations. Below is the scan I made but it only returned 3 results. Is there a better scan or can somebody improve mine?

I wrote this scan for a 4 month period with the usual ascending higher lows and descending lower highs that mark a symmetrical triangle. All I got was 3 results. See below.


[today's low > 1 month ago low]
and [1 month ago low > 2 months ago low]
and [2 months ago low > 3 months ago low]
and [3 months ago low > 4 months ago low]

and [today’s high < last month’s high]
and [1 month ago high < 2 months ago high]
and [2 months ago high < 3 months ago high]
and [3 months ago high < 4 months ago high]


  • It may just be that at this particular time there are few symmetrical triangle to be found. You could try running it on end of month dates for say the past two years and see what you get.

    Another problem might be that the scan is very specific that each high and low must be lower or higher than each preceding high or low. Patterns do not always develop so perfectly, and yet we would still accept them as symmetrical when looking by eye. So another possibility might be to look for a descending simple moving average of highs and an ascending simple moving average of lows. That would allow a looser pattern of highs and lows versus each other so you might get more hits.
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