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What time of day do you trade?

What time of day do you make most of your trades: morning, mid-day, last hour of trading or after-hours? Why do you do your trading at that time?

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  • CushCush
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    Bob, I began tracking the times of my trades in my journal a few years ago. I expected to see a pattern, but I didn't find one. It is worth noting that I am not day-trading. I typically hold from a few months to half a dozen months or even longer. So, my trading volume is not what it once was when I traded more frequently.
    Anecdotally, I have observed a pivot point at 10:30 am. I try to avoid buying or selling in the period leading up to 10:30 am, say 10:00 am to 10:30 am.

    What about you?


  • Thanks @Cush. Like you, I am NOT day trading. But I prefer to trade every few weeks rather than every few months. Thanks for the tip on the 10:30 pivot. I am a bit more likely to sell in the afternoon. But the last hour (or at least 1/2 hour) is a bit more volatile than I prefer. I have heard there is a lot of algorithm trading done that hour.
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