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Forex charts

can anyone recommend a forex charting site that has minute charts,and allows you to add indicators to your chart and then save them. I don't mind paying .?


  • I don't chart forex, so I don't have a first hand recommendation. But here is a site that reviews forex charting sites. I don't know whether to believe the reviews, but it does list a number of options to explore:

    If you want to do your charting on the same site as you trade from, here is a review site for forex trading platforms:

    Here, too, I don't know whether to believe the reviews, but it does give you options to explore.
  • To look at forex, I think the easiest thing is to just sign up for a demo account with a forex broker such as FXCM and use their MetaTrader 4 platform. It has timeframes from M1 through Monthly. I've been using MT4 with a number of brokers for around 9 years, and love it. No matter whose you have, they work about the same. Some also have other platforms, but I've always ended up with MT4.
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