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Price to Book

Hi All, I want to be able to show AAPL's price and then on the same chart have a line that shows the price to book. I know this is not available in StockCharts as an indicator but I would like suggestions as to the best way to use a custom index to create this. Thanks!


  • I haven't used a custom index so maybe others with more experience add to this.

    If you haven't already, check out the Chart School and blog articles on user-defined indexes. Use the site search ("Search") on the member page and enter "user defined index".

    I think what you want is to create an Excel sheet with the ratio of the current close to the current book value. You can download "Past data" from Stockcharts (link is under the symbol's chart) and copy the closes into your custom index spreadsheet. I'm guessing book value is updated quarterly. It's not available on Stockcharts under Full Quote, though. One site that has it is I don't know how you would get historical book values if you wanted to go back to past quarters. Again, maybe someone else can chime in.
  • Thanks Mark! I can manually go back and look quarter by quarter. If anyone knows where I can download this info to an xls please let me know.
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