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No hits for - All time highs

Why does my scan only return hits for all time high scans during market hours? When I do the same scan after hours I get no hits, is this the same for everyone else?

Thank you.


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    Never had that problem. If you like, post the scan.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2016
    This seems to work:

    [type is stock]
    and [high = All Time High]

    So I'm not sure why your scan doesn't work.

    This probably doesn't help you, but, I noticed while running some scans to answer your question, that "All Time High" means, "All Time High as of the most recent database up date".

    If you run a scan backdated to say a month ago, it will pick up anything that made a new high that day AND has not made another all time high since then.

    But, if a symbol made an all time high on the backdated scan date and has made another all time high between the backdated scan date and the most recent update, it will not show up on the result list for the backdated scan (e.g. MRK Aug 5 2016).

    So apparently the database does not keep a record of each all time high in the past, only the most recent one.

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    Thank you, the info you posted is helpful to know.
    Your scan "high = all time high" works. I was using the "all time high" from the drop down list "all time high < high" hence the problem.
    Thank you once again Markd!
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