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New Annotation Tool - Two Features Lost But Needed

Now that the new annotation tool is the only option - the others having been removed recently - I'd like to post some feedback on a couple of features that were lost in the transition but that are still needed.

1. There does not appear to be any way to control the opacity of lines or objects (e.g. rectangles and ellipses.) This renders the latter near useless since they block the underlying chart patterns. If opacity control is still there, please point it out since I can't find it anyplace!
2. We've lost the ability to add whitespace to either the left or right. This was invaluable when overlaying several Fib retraces.

Finally, there's a defect I've encountered as well. When adding a note or callout, it's not possible to type a capital "C". That comes up blank every time.

-- Ron


  • 1. draw a shape, click on "fill", then click on the color drop down. To the right is a very large square. Under the square is a very thin bar. That is a slider that allows you to adjust the transparency of the color you selected. Put your cursor on the little white oblong thingy way to the right and slide it in either direction. Then click "choose".

    2. You can add white space to the right on the chart itself before you go into annotation mode. On the chart workbench, under Chart Attributes, the first line, last box is "Extra Bars". If you need white space to the left, could draw a rectangle, fill white, no transparency. Then draw fib lines, etc. over the rectangle.

    3. Capital C inside a note or call out - I can't reproduce that. Works fine for me. Maybe try it in a different browser?
  • Thanks for the reply, Mark.

    1. Yes, that works! Thank you. I'd have never found that.

    2. I do have a bit of white space already on the chart, however I *much* prefer the way it was handled in the old annotation. That way it added the white space to the right of the border, which was extremely convenient for Fib numbers, notes, etc.

    3. I have the issue with Firefox and IE (actually Edge.) Firefox is my primary browser, however. The only way I can get around it is by using 67 to insert the ASCII code.

    I'm definitely extremely disappointed with the new annotation setup. I was hoping they would actually modernize the functionality, especially when you consider the functionality available today in even the free web tools.
  • I have Firefox also, so that's probably not it, unless maybe you have conflicting add-ons or security.

    My understanding is the annotation was changed for security reasons (Adobe vulnerability to hacking), not to upgrade functionality. I would guess they are working on something better.
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