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Setting up indicators to stay

I have a set of indicators that I want to use on all my charts.
How do I set them up to stay across all charts when I change symbals
without having to set them up each time?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2015
    I'm assuming you have a subscription. I don't think free users can save styles.

    On the Chart Workbench (where you set up your indicators), set up your chart the way you like it.

    Then click "Add New" (in the narrow white space just below the chart and just above the "Chart Attributes" section where you selected all your settings. Give the chart a meaningful name (like "daily MACD RSI".

    Now select "Save as default", right next to "Add New".

    Now, any charts you open for the first time will have your default style.

    If you create and name another style, say "daily OBV Fast K" you can make it the default by clicking "save as default". If you want to switch back, apply "daily MACD RSI" to the chart, then hit "save as default" again.

    Any charts you have already saved in another style will continue to appear in that style until you apply the default style to them. If you then "Save" the chart (see selections above the chart), it will always display in the default style (until you change it and save it again). If you just close it without saving, the next time you open it, it will still be in the style you first used.

    Documentation is here:

    At the bottom are links to videos that are very helpful.

    NOTE: if you are a free user, you *can* view multiple symbols with one style. Set up the style, then enter the next symbol in the "symbol" window at the upper left above the chart (directly under the "Home" option on the top menu. However, the next time you visit, you have to set up the chart again.
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