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Syntax Error

This should list almost everything, as it looks for SMA Envelope with more than a 1 point spread.
Instead I'm getting a syntax error.
Does anyone see a problem with this line?

[Upper MA Env(20,2.5) - (Lower MA Env(20,2.5) > 1]

Best Answers

  • gordgord admin
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, here is the syntax error code I get when I run your code.
    Your scan syntax is incorrect. Could not parse "" located in the clause "UPPER MA ENV(20,2.5) - (LOWER MA ENV(20,2.5)"

    So this is the line with the problem, the first thing I see is mismatched brackets, should be:

    and [Upper MA Env(20,2.5) - Lower MA Env(20,2.5) > 1]

    or you could also use the following which I often use make it more clear;

    and [ [ Upper MA Env(20,2.5) - Lower MA Env(20,2.5) ] > 1]

    give it a try, Gord
  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks, I don't know what was going on. Yeah, I'm well aware of the balanced parenthesis, and had tried massive permutations of parenthesis before requesting help. That's when I got sloppy and posted an example that didn't show them balanced. It's working now; so we may never know if it was my browser having a snit, or the server.

    Thanks in any case!

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