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code required for a conditional price behaviour trigger scan

Hi Guys,

Is there anyone available to write and test a conditional price behaviour trigger scan at reasonable rates for me please?

I have a probability system that works but I have to manually go through stocks each day after the close by hand. It would be great if I could have an automated scan that would flag up my candidates at the end of the day but also perhaps I could run it 30 mins before the close in real-time.

I have a description outline of roughly what I need in lay-mans terms to help establish timescale and pricing of the work.

Please let me know ASAP.

Thanks and Best,



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2017
    If your method depends on signals from standard indicators (not custom designed by you, but available in the Technical Indicators dropdown on the advanced scan page), you can probably do it yourself with a few hours work. You would just select your indicators from the drop down and edit them to look for the values you need. There are a few syntax wrinkles that might be a challenge. If that happens, and you don't have the time to work it out yourself, you can post what you have and someone here will edit it.

    On the other hand, if your method depends on finding price and volume patterns, that would require more advanced skills. It might be possible to translate those patterns into indicator or overlay patterns that would be easier to code. If you want, we can discuss that on this forum.
  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks very much for posting. Unfortunately I am the kind of person that will lose at least three days trying to learn to script and I just can’t manage it! I have three kids, a business and I can hardly write what I think I need in English! :-)

    I would be very interested in paying a reasonable rate to get it done though as it would speed up my trading no end.

    In simple terms I would like to be able to receive an alert or generate a list when the price of a security washes out a prior low below – 1 ATR (keltner channel in stockcharts) and then recovers and holds above – 1 ATR (again keltner channel). I have this set-up manually and it works well for trading but I miss out on some valuable triggers as I get them too late or I have just have to spend hours scanning manually.

    Here it what I think I need in basic English :-)

    Programming script (Long):

    Is the security in an uptrend in a higher timeframe?

    Stock in a monthly or weekly uptrend? Daily if trading intra-day time-frames. Uptrend technically described as maybe HL closes 3 bars back?

    Then scan for: Is the security it in the right ATR zone (between – 1 Kelter channel and its ema?

    Stocks in the ATR zone. Ideally I am buying between the -1 ATR and the 20 bar moving average, or even between the EMA + 1 ATR (using Keltner Channels in Stockcharts). The 20 EMA can be declared as zero. Halfway between the moving average and -1 ATR is -0.5. Halfway between the moving average and +1 ATR is 0.5 and so on. This scan for Stocks in the zone should be completed 1st.

    Then scan: has it washed out the previous lows? check back over time for last low.

    Then we also need to detect for the washout using two trigger types. V1 and V2.

    With V1 the price action occurs all in one bar. Opens, heads lower, washes out previous lows or near to and the recovers, when it comes back up it holds above – 1 ATR. This is our v1 entry trigger signal. If it holds at the close then we stay in the trade.

    For the V2 trigger the same action occurs but over three bars. Bar one the stock opens and closes lower. Bar two also lower and washes out the previous Low(s). Bar three recovers and closes above the close of bar two. Same price action but over 2 bars.

    The signal works well as it washes out the weak hands taking out or kissing the previous low. After the washout, very often, in my experience, the only way is up. Usual disclaimers apply.

    Thanks and Best,


  • SpersonalSpersonal
    edited February 2017
    charts to follow
  • OK. Well, that's pattern recognition, and it's a bear. I'll re-read it a few times and see what I think can be done. Maybe others would like to take a crack at it, too.
  • thanks so much Mark
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