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Export data from scan

Is it possible to export many data from a single scan? I want to export the close, the ATR, the Chandelier exit from one single scan.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2017
    You can download the default data shown in the results lists. To do this, select the "Download in CSV format" option from the "Available Actions" drop down on the results page.

    If your scan includes a "rank by" statement, the results list will include the value produced by the "rank by" statement.

    So, if the last line of your scan is

    rank by ATR(14)

    you can download the ATR value in the CSV file.

    Unfortunately, you can have only one "rank by" statement, so you can download only one indicator value at a time.

    If you want to calculate historical indicator values yourself in Excel, you can download price and volume data for individual stocks. Bring up a chart in "Chart Workbench" view and click the "Past Data" link below the chart.
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