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Scanning for ranking stocks relative to $SPX

Can you scan for relative price to the $SPX? Using RRG? Using Price Relative?

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    You can't scan with Price Relative. I don't see RRG in the indicator drop down on the advanced scan workbench, either.

    There are two ways you can go, that I know of.

    First you have to choose a yard stick to measure relative performance - e.g. ROC(21) or ROC(63) - rate of change for one or three months.

    Then, either get the ROC value of $SPX and plug that number into your scan - e.g. if ROC(63) is, say, 5.25, then your scan would have the line "and [ROC(63) > 5.25]"; or, include $SPX in a list of stocks you are interested in and then scan that list including the line "rank by ROC(63)"; on the results page, stocks above $SPX are doing better.


  • Thanks for the reply. It gives me some ideas to get what I am looking for.
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