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Suggestions to StockCharts

I have a thought on suggestions for improvements to website. I know I make inquiries to Support suggesting changes/ improvements for their consideration. I'm sure others do as well. If they get enough interest (multiple requests) or it falls into something that they are planning on doing already, it seems to get done.

My suggestion is that "we" also post those suggestions on this forum (after having sent it to Support). If you see a suggestion that you like, you can make a similar request to StockCharts Support. This would allow for multiple requests for a similar suggestion, possibly improving the chances that it can be implemented.

Anyway, just a thought.

I sent this one in earlier. I'll be sure to share my others in the future.

When using the "Inspect" feature, it would be nice if the font was black or blue or anything darker than light gray. It would also be nice if the font size was bigger but, darker font would be a tremendous, readable solution.

Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.
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