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Suggestions to StockCharts



  • @SridarKP you probably know this already, but if it helps, you can get the data in column form if you scan your list with a scan including the final statement "rank by dividend". Or you could use "rank by yield" for that figure.

    Dividend data doesn't change very often, so you could download the results of the dividend scan to a csv file for reference.

    In any case, I agree that the list of column options could be expanded.
  • Being able to change perfchart line colors to make them colorblind friendly. 1 in 7 men and 1 in 12 women are colorblind.. Blue-purple, green, red, browns are difficult to discern. Yahoo let us change the line width as well as the color.
    Also setting a personal default time span would be helpful.
    Otherwise I love the charts.


  • - Access to more fundamental data when searching
    - Print quarterly EPS as a graph
    - Maintain a selected order of stocks in a chart list (such as gainers) when switching e.g. into PnF or other view mode
    - PnF search in different bases, such as and [[double top breakout in 3%x3 is true] and [low pole in 1%x1 is true]]
    - View PnF and e.g. weekly time charts or daily and weekly next to each other
  • "- Access to more fundamental data when searching
    - Print quarterly EPS as a graph"

    I believe that once they start capturing the data, it will become available to use on charts. It looks like they are planning to, but who knows. I never would have guessed that their recent "big surprise announcement" would be for free options trading. I

    "- Maintain a selected order of stocks in a chart list (such as gainers) when switching e.g. into PnF or other view mode"

    The chartlist sort is done a couple ways. You can sort it using the Summary view. At the bottom of the Summary view is a button to Number in Sorted Order. Once numbered they stay that way in any other view like 10 per page and CandleGlance.

    The other way is through a Rank By statement in a scan or just sorting the results of a scan and asking it to maintain the Sort when saving the results.

    To remove a sort numbering, go to Edit the chartlist and then select All and click on the remove the numbering button.

    "- PnF search in different bases, such as and [[double top breakout in 3%x3 is true] and [low pole in 1%x1 is true]]"

    It's not all that it's cracked up to be but would be nice I guess. I did a trial on Updata software. All they use for scanning is the % trend charts, but very limited in terms of other patterns. Simple DT buy and DB sell was about the limit of it.

    "- View PnF and e.g. weekly time charts or daily and weekly next to each other"
    In Gallery view you get the intraday, daily, weekly and PnF chart on one page. You can customize each of the chartstyles in the Gallery view as well.
  • Mark, thank you for your hints.
  • StockCharts just updated the Scan workbench results OUTPUT options.

    They removed the option to Preserve Sort Order on the Replace an existing list. This is not acceptable for my use. I've asked them to please add back the Preserve Sort Order option to Replace option.

    The point is, I can run a scan against an existing list that I want to re-sort based on some criteria that is ONLY available in the Scan workbench. If I want to reuse/ replace the existing list, I can't keep the sort. I would have to create a NEW list and then change my re-sort scan for MY LISTS to look at a new list that was created because they removed the Preserve Sort Order option on replacing an existing chartlist.

    I re-sort my lists often, based on some criteria like PPO, or PnF Box Count, or some other technical indicator.

    Other option would be to add MORE ways to re-sort a list in the Chartlist Summary function. I would think it would be easier to add back the previous functionality. I don't know why why they would take it away.

    Definitely NOT an improvement. I hope that this isn't an indication of their laser focus on improvements to the SharpCharts system.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022

    Absolutely agree with you.

    This must be an oversight. There is no reason to take away this feature on the Replace list option. If you have to make a new list for each sort order, the number of lists they have to store will balloon. Storage is a lot cheaper these days, but its still waste, and a huge inconvenience for users.

    I rely on this option because I keep a "scratch" list that I use over and over again so I don't have to go searching for saved results. They are always in the same place. I also have lists named for my nightly scans which I replace whenever I run those scans.

    I've sent a love letter to support asking to restore it.

  • They also changed the method that was used for saving the results by adding clicks to accomplish what was accomplished with less clicks.

    This is a sign that there aren't actual users leading the programming. Another clue will be when the fonts change to illegible and smaller type. I'm going through this same issue on the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright website. They did "enhancements" and modifications that made the site more difficult to use. Changed the font to something called Mulish and knocked down the font size on many pages. It wasn't a space issue. The space was left alone. They must knocked down the font size. They also added more clicks to accomplish tasks. After a few months of complaints, they changed the fonts back to Ariel and Times New Roman and increased the size on many pages.

    Customers use the sites for their needs and/or businesses. I personally like to be more efficient in processes.

    I'll give them a day or two to fix it or then I'll start posting comments on Grayson's YouTube videos.

    I did get a response from support

    "Thank you for contacting us. Our programming team is aware of the issue and are working on a correction. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. "
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 2022
    Is it just me, or did the Rank By also stop working?

    Never mind. Syntax error on my part.
  • I'm dying in my sleep hoping to catch just one improvement in the original StockCharts program. Meanwhile the programmers are working furiously on the ACP version and marketing is pushing the plug-in sales.
  • @lmkwin

    I hear you about more clicks. I wonder whether this is a trend. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 11 and it seems everything requires more clicks than before. Are these newer, less competent designers? Or is there value in clicks, maybe to advertisers? There seems to be a lot of change for the sake of change, rather than actual improved user experience.
  • @markd I think new site platform development templates have been created over the past years to make it easier for new "programmers" to use the skills they learned. The old school developers and programmers are retired or getting ready to, so software companies created new platforms to migrate to. These new platforms are slower and more cumbersome for old timers like me. Unfortunately the new platforms use right angles to move and go from A to B to C. It takes more forethought to move from A to C on them, skipping past the B, so they don't.

    @azb ACP is an example of the new platforms I mentioned above. There's "tons of stuff" being added to there. It's still hideous in comparison to SharpCharts, but they have programmers who can work on that platform. I'm just hoping that they don't use ACP as the model to influence the "improvements" to SharpCharts functionality. Most all of the Plug Ins are just packaged user defined displays of common indicators.

  • I CAN NOT run my scans. I am waiting for the programmers to fix the revised scan so it can SORT and replace an existing chart list. I want to REPLACE my current LISTS with SORTED lists, not alphabetical ones. They definitely added MORE CLICKS which is annoying.

    I would like ACP more if it's GUI - graphical user interface - was more functional. (Examples - 1) ACP candleglace is far worse than original, and 2) the drop down's are scattered everywhere - on the left, on the right, at top ... drop down should drop down from the top, menu style. Industry standard.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2022
    I think another issue with the design is the need to make screens phone compatible and maybe tablet compatible, where navigation is more tap and scroll based, and that's taking precedence over PC screens where navigation is mouse based. Finger based navigation is a lot clunkier. The screens have to be set up differently to accommodate scrolling.
  • Good points Mark. Original StockCharts works PERFECTLY on my computer, tablet, and phone. I mean, PERFECTLY. ....

    If you have a perfectly good, running, functional CAR, why would you park it in the garage, and begin building a BOAT, from scratch ???
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 2022
    StockCharts works on my phone very well. I haven't tried ACP though. I bet it's not better on the phone. It's barely worthwhile on the PC.

    When they went to indicators that you can't scan for, that really toasted my bread. What good is an indicator that you have to put on a chart and flip through a bunch of charts looking for one or some where the indicator may be at an actionable level? That's not efficient, nor effective.

    GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, NO GO, .................

    Like I mentioned before, the ACP ONLY indicators can mostly be replicated to a certain extent using the SharpCharts indicators but rolling out ACP the way they did certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I think that they still only have a small minority of the bloggers/ TV host and guests who use the ACP in their presentations.

    I hope Definedge brings their package to the US market soon.

    Oh, by the way, it appears that they fixed the Preserve Sort Order for the Replace List option.

  • submitted suggestion to StockCharts:

    On my chartlists, I have some that are checked off in Summary View to send a daily or weekly report.

    On the email it lists the symbols of the list sorted by return for the period of the report.

    Prior, when clicking on the symbol in the list, a new tab would open showing the symbol on my default chart. In the last few days it now opens the symbol in the Symbol Summary page. Opening in the chart is preferable as the Symbol Summary page requires a bunch of scrolling to be able to click on the chart.

    Can this linkage be changed back to the Chart? I really don't like having to add steps to my process for no apparent reason other than a programming change.

    Thank you for your consideration
  • Got a response from Support:

    "Clicking the symbol in the ChartList Report will display the symbol in Symbol Summary page view; clicking the name will display it in the SharpCharts workbench with default ChartStyle settings."

    So either, I've always been clicking on the Name all this time, or they added this new functionality. Either way, it's good to know. I like versatility.
  • Well, now the Symbol and Name links on the email alerts both go to the chart. So perhaps it was a bug and not a feature. I liked it while it lasted as I was able to go to either the Symbol Summary or the default SharpChart by selecting one or the other.

    Symbol Summary is a nifty link as you can see if the symbol is in any chartlists that you maintain right there along with other interesting and useful information.

    I'll report this to Support and see if they can change it back.
  • I made a new suggestion to support about visibility on created symbols. Particularly NEW breadth symbols. You have some, but limited visibility on new stock/ security symbols using the Data Adjustments area. But Breadth indicators that StockCharts creates are not new traded securities.

    So, for example the SP 500 stocks trading above their 200 day moving average is a StockCharts symbol. There are many segments and sections of securities that StockCharts compiles into a breadth indicator. You can see how many by typing in 200 in the Enter Symbol or Name at the top of the StockCharts page and click on the "More Results for "200" at the bottom of the listing

    The other day I noticed that they had created several new breadth indicators for the SP 1500. Data on these doesn't go back past June at the moment. So not a very "useful" set of indicators at the moment. BUT you would never know that there are new breadth indicators or other new StockCharts created symbols unless you stumble upon them. There are other SP 1500 indicators in the system with over 10 years of data but the new ones, currently don't have the history created.

    So I asked for a method to be developed to provide better visibility to these things. Possibly add a new filter to the Symbol Index page(s). Or a filter in the Data Adjustments page, although I don't like that page. Or have Grayson point out the NEW things in his stockcharts show/ newsletter article.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2022
    Even better, an email update to subscribers when new features go into production ( with opt-out, of course).

    There is a "what's new" page accessible from the home page under "member tools" (scroll to the bottom), but it's infrequently updated and mainly for major upgrades.
  • I forgot about the What's New page. Good place to put "new" things one would think. I'd just like some visibility.

    They are creating it. Probably at someone's direction. Probably for the benefit of someone. Why not us subscribers?
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