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Suggestions to StockCharts

I have a thought on suggestions for improvements to website. I know I make inquiries to Support suggesting changes/ improvements for their consideration. I'm sure others do as well. If they get enough interest (multiple requests) or it falls into something that they are planning on doing already, it seems to get done.

My suggestion is that "we" also post those suggestions on this forum (after having sent it to Support). If you see a suggestion that you like, you can make a similar request to StockCharts Support. This would allow for multiple requests for a similar suggestion, possibly improving the chances that it can be implemented.

Anyway, just a thought.

I sent this one in earlier. I'll be sure to share my others in the future.

When using the "Inspect" feature, it would be nice if the font was black or blue or anything darker than light gray. It would also be nice if the font size was bigger but, darker font would be a tremendous, readable solution.

Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion.


  • Suggestions for the RRG Relative Strength Indicator

    It would be a nice feature to be able to enter $Sector, or $Industry as options in the RRG Relative Strength Indicator. This would allow greater flexibility for the user on settings for Chart Styles.

    It would be a nice feature to have the RRG Relative Strength lines as available Filters in the Scan Workbench. I realize that the PctRelative is a new addition and very useful addition, but the RRG Relative Strength provides additional information through its 2 lines that display both the ratio and the momentum.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  • Euro stocks

  • @MadRoofer I think they did have that, but at that point there wasn't enough interest. Might be different now - although the markets there aren't helping.
  • 'Blank' or null field as a search parameter
  • allow search on Consumer Discretionary Sector
  • Consumer Discretionary Sector is called "Cyclicals" in the scan engine dropdown

    and [group is CyclicalsSector]
  • SCTR for Currencies and commodities
  • Implementation of Relative Strenth according to Levy (RSL)
  • Suggestion:

    On your Point and Figure Charts:
    1. Please ADD the Div Yield field to the chart header. This is the only way to know if one could need to look at the unadjusted chart.

    2. Please add the option for Horizontal Lines to the Overlay section of the charts. There are several "experts" in Point and Figure literature that utilize them for analysis purposes. They can provide excellent visual indications AND shouldn't be too hard to add as there is no data requirement.

    3. Allow users to select color options on the Overlays. Right now they are all automatic.

    4. Add an indicator that basically counts the # of X's and O's over a user defined period of columns. So if I put a 10 in on the XO indicator, the line would display which was in "control", the X's or the O's. There is such an indicator on Point and Figure charts as shown in Prashant Shah's new Point and Figure book, Trading the Markets the Point and Figure Way.

    He might be a good link up for StockCharts as well.
    Thank you for your consideration.
  • Suggestion

    On Industry Summary

    In Table View I can click on the Industry and it drills down into the industry group securities.

    On Chart View, I can NOT drill down.

    It would be a nice feature to allow drill down in the Chart View option.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  • Euro stocks or at least beta values

  • Blog archives fixed also

  • Suggestion

    On your CandleGlance options. Two of the options relate to Point and Figure charts.

    You need to put the decimal prices in the scales for the Point and Figure (Percent) . There is room in the scale boxes for it. You use the 1% x 3 box reversal. On the charts with only whole numbers in, and the price scale levels look something like 50, 51, 51, 52, 52, 53, 53, 53, 54, 54, 55, 55, ......

    On the traditional scale, you show the full decimal prices.

    Please add the full price to the Point & Figure (Percent) scale on the CandleGlance.
  • -Guppy Averages as one overlay
    -Guppy Count Back Line (or similar concept with a period parameter)
    -Rainbow averages as one overlay
    -More Economic $$ Series (for instance from Fred you could get CFNAI, LEIs,...)
    -Revision on the (international) indexes to include the TR versions. Example $IBEX discounts 3-4% dividend so it's useless against $DAX that is TR. Exchanges keep TR versions with other ISINs
    -Up to two overlays for indicators. That way you don't need to do the trick of charting the indicator or price again and change its opacity.
    -Euro exchanges (no matter if data is delayed or EOD)
  • Come up with a SCTR index for $DJUSxx industry indexes used by industries in the Sectors and Industries drop down on the scan workbench page.

    Also, assign those same $DJUSxx industry indexes to the appropriate sector, so we can get either $SYMBOL:$SECTOR or $INDUSTRY:$SECTOR ratio symbols for those indexes in a chart style. For example, $DJUSSW would be assigned to the Technology sector, and $SYMBOL:$SECTOR in a chart style would display an RS line for a list with $DJUSSW in it.
  • @markd I added an echo to your $DJUSxx suggestion to support.
  • Suggestion:

    Preserve the order of the symbols added to a list as they were entered using the "Many" option.

    Currently, lists default to alpha order (or numeric order if add numbering on the Summary view page).

    I want to use lists to view symbols in the sort order produced from data on Excel. However, when I copy and paste a column of symbols into the "Many" window and click Add Charts, they appear in alpha order in the list. Re-scanning the list with "rank by" does not reproduce the order from Excel.
  • If you 'import' the excel you can pre-sort it with characters in column B. Column B is imported into the Stock Name field. Depending on what you use for the sort indicator it will stay the way you imported it by default. If you use Numbers as the indicator then you may run into issue in the future if you change the sort order numbers and then remove numbers. It may treat your column B ranking indicator as a number if you use numbers.

    I import my portfolio list in ranked order by position size. Column A is the Symbol. Column B is the ranking (concatenated with other data like cost basis, total value at the time, etc) Column C is the % change at the time.

    To make the Many option work would require the Chart Name option to be available on each addition.
  • Thanks @lmkwin I'll give that a try.
  • I'm sure you know about editing the stock in the chartlist edit function using the pencil. you can add a personalized sort in there after the fact as well.

    For example, I have IRAs for my wife and one for me. i combine them both in one list using an indicator on the Stock name to identify them in order. When a buy or sell occurs I just add or remove it from the list in the edit and then edit the stock name to put an indicator in front of the name to get it in the right part of the list. Hers or mine. A simple lowercase letter and a space.
  • Thanks for the suggestions - but this is just for quick viewing - candidate hunting - so I don't want to spend time editing. I like your Excel column idea - that can be automated.
  • Column C is imported into the chart note
  • "Come up with a SCTR index for $DJUSxx industry indexes used by industries in the Sectors and Industries drop down on the scan workbench page." @markd

    Looks like they did this one with a Universe being the Industry group. Next up, hopefully, will be your other suggestion about assigning the industry's to their appropriate sectors.
  • Wow, that's great. Thanks for noticing!

    Thanks to the Stockcharts team, too, if you are reading this. Very, VERY helpful!
  • It was in the ChartWatchers Newsletter this week:

    "Calling all SCTR fans! As of yesterday, we've added a brand new SCTR universe to the site – US Industries!

    Available now on our SCTR Reports, Sector Summary and Industry Summary pages, this added group provides a unique new way to rank and filter over 100 industry indexes, without the hassle of analyzing each individual fund one at a time. Plus, just like any other SCTR-ranked stock or ETF, you can even add the SCTR value as an indicator panel on your charts to track past performance for each of the components."

  • I should read that more often.
  • You can create your own custom charts for 'Industry Summary', 'Market Summary' and 'Candleglance.' How about the option to create your own custom chart for 'Hover over symbol for mini charts' for the SCTR Report stocks?
  • Hi!

    I have a question as well as a suggestion/request to improve StockCharts:

    Question: Can you create live user-defined symbols and use simple math on them. For example, I want to generate an up/down histogram chart of NYSE Advancing Issues Percent and NYSE Declining Issues Percent. Normally, you'd do $NYADV:$NYTOT and $NYDEC:$NYTOT. But then you would be unable to combine those two into a single up/down histogram. Is it possible to make a custom symbol that is "fed" by a combination of those symbols and multiplied by 100 so that the custom symbol in turn can be used as an indicator? I do not want to put up with having to manually enter data on an intraday basis especially if the "feeder" symbols are updated live.

    Sugggestion to improve StockCharts: Live connection with economic data from FRED ( I just can't emphasize this enough. They have hundreds perhaps thousands of economic data that is continuously updated live. Not having to deal with downloading their data and manually preparing for UDIs at StockCharts would be great.

    Best, Robert
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    It would be a great addition if added a Growth/Value to the scan engine. Perhaps it could be as "easy" as adding the $DJUSGx and Vx options into the "sectors & industries dropdown. Or adding the various ETF's or indexes into the Indexes & ETFs dropdown.
    • Small Chart Preview for Scan Results - Just as it is in ChartList

    • Extra Column in Chart List Summary for Dividends. Data is already available in StockCharts Data base. Just have to render as a column

    • PerfChart for first 10 or x number of items in ChartList
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