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Annotation tool slow as molasses outdoors in Vermont in January

For some mysterious reason, the annotation on my very fast computer has all of a sudden, two days ago, started acting very strangely. It's gotten obscenely slow, and the laptop fan roars loudly whenever I try to move a line from one place to another. It's worst, and literally locks up the computer for minutes at a time, whenever I try to copy/paste a line from one part of a chart to another. I'm doing this after hours, one chart at a time, not much if anything else open, and the bizarre behavior is happening on both my computers. Literally just two days ago started behaving this way. What on earth is causing this? Anybody got a clue? Did they change something in the computer code for the annotation tool recently? Has anybody experienced this? I got a reply from Stockcharts support saying that nobody else has complained of this.
BTW, this only happens on the Stockcharts website. Nothing else I do on either of my computers causes this, and they're both very fast computers with all the latest updates and a screaming internet connection, so it's not that. No, it's something about the Annotation tool, I'm convinced. Anybody got any ideas?


  • markdmarkd mod
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    Very strange - I believe you though.

    I just used the annotation tool with no problem on an aging desktop with W7 and Firefox and a DSL connection - so as you say, it's probably not your connection. If it just started happening, then something about your set up may have changed. You may have gotten a software or OS update (often these happen behind the scenes, so you don't know about them) that set up a conflict with something else. If you have a windows system, open task manager to the performance tab, then open the annotation tool. It sounds like something is hogging either your memory or cpu cycles. Check the processes tab to see what it might be. You can sort them by memory and cpu. Try the annotation tool running alone (with only your browser open) then try it in combination with other things you usually run, one at a time. See if it makes a difference. If it was a software update, it may take care of itself with another update.
  • Another possibility - browser plug ins. If you are using them, take them out one at a time and see what happens.

    You didn't mention whether the problem occurs with different browsers - IE, Firefox, Chrome?
  • Sorry for my computer ignorance---what's a "plug in"? Can you give me an example? Heard of them but have no idea what they are.
  • They are tools you can add to your browser for additional functionality - like open Office files without having Office on your machine.

    If you don't know what they are it's unlikely you've added them, so they probably aren't the problem.
  • I cancelled my PRO mrmbership because I could not get my basic questions answered. Now, I am a TeleChart 2000 subscriber.
  • I'm surprised. Even before my PRO membership, I got prompt and helpful replies from Support. Also, PRO allows chat with Support if you need it. However, Stockcharts staff are there to answer questions about Stockcharts features and capabilities. It would not be possible for them to resolve problems originating with the many different browsers, plug ins, operating systems, security and other software and hardware combinations that may be the root of some problems. But good luck with Telechart.
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