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Is there a way to scan for stocks that have added another X to their Point & Figure chart?

All I can see available is a true or false setting for P&F charts in X's or O's.


  • I think you are right. You would have to scan for the patterns that would result from adding an X.

    A scan for the change from X to O gives not bad results, though:

    and [1 day ago PnF Chart In Os is true]
    and [PnF Chart In Xs is true]
  • I know that this is an old thread/post. There is a P&F Box Count in the Technical Indicators list. You could do something like this.

    and [P&F Box Count > Yesterday's P&F Box Count]

    This would show all stocks that added a box on their P&F chart. You can filter it further using the Chart in X's or O's if you like. I find the box count and box count changes a valuable screening tool.

    An even more valuable option, that SC doesn't have YET, is the ability to filter on the alternate scales or construction types. Right now, all results are based on the "Traditional" method of construction. As they keep improving the site, it's just a matter of time and inclination.
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